It is important to carefully read the following topics, which pertain to the legal principles
and conduct of the Nicoo website, in order to meet the user's expectations when using this
site, thereby accepting its terms and conditions of use.
Nicoo provides games for entertainment purposes in an accessible and simple language,
primarily through videos and images, intended for the lay audience or those who cannot
yet read or interpret textual explanations, such as children.
The content of the site is entirely the responsibility of its authors and legal representatives.
The content of the games available on the website is the responsibility of their creators,
while our responsibility lies in their dissemination and publication.
The more than 50 proprietary games that will be presented in 2025 are entirely the
responsibility of the legal owners of the Nicoo site. The corresponding credits will be
displayed in each game and page.
The games published on the site are carefully chosen, and the authors are listed within
each game. They can be either full versions of the game or demo versions. This site is
committed to publishing games only from reliable sources.
Website Objective
The main objective of the site is currently to provide free games to its visitors for their
entertainment, with the secondary objective of generating advertising revenue.
Starting from 2025, in addition to the above purposes, the site will also promote a
recognized brand of non-alcoholic beverages, which will be a project sponsor.
Any information collected by the Nicoo management, such as email addresses, will never
be forwarded, transferred, or sold to third parties outside the group of companies or
individuals responsible for the portal unless such information is required by legal or judicial
authorities. The complete policy on confidentiality is available on our website through the
link Privacy Policy.
All content on the site is produced or inserted by our collaborators based on reliable
Sources of Financing
This website is financed through monetary values from online advertising and by a private
sponsor to be revealed in 2025. This advertising funding supports the site, its collaborators,
and ongoing technical updates.
Advertising Policy
To ensure that we continue to offer free and cost-free content to visitors, third-party
advertisements are displayed on the pages, at least until 2025. However, those responsible
for editing advertisements on the site do not have absolute control over the content
presented in ads from third-party responsibility.
Honesty in Advertising and Editorial Policy
Nicoo displays advertising, but we do not control the content of these ads, and our
editorial content is currently free from private commercial influences. Our website
presents advertising, and we commit to presenting all advertisements through trusted
services such as Google Adsense, Google Ad Manager, or Ezoic.
This website will never display, for advertising purposes, inappropriate or unethical
content, such as adult content, sexual references, alcohol-related material, or violent
Usage Policies
The games and information provided on the site are for informational and entertainment
purposes only. Each person is 100% responsible for their use of the website.
Privacy Policy
We take the privacy policy of our users very seriously and responsibly. We ensure that all
personal information is treated with due security and respect, in accordance with the
presented policies. Through the privacy policy link, we explain how we collect, use, and
protect information from all our visitors.